PORTFOLIO - O'neil Guesthouse

Guesthouse into hillside with living Roof.

Designed by Lubowicki Lanier Architecture

As printed in Page 277 of Interiors Now By Daniel Pavlovits
The O'Neil guesthouse is 800 square feet in area and consists of two major elements- a bedroom and a living room seperated by an earthen stair. Similar to a bunker, the bedroom is partially buried in the ground and has a suspended roof form in the shape of a boat, planted with wild grass. The living room is copper sheeted on the exterior with maple panels on the interior, reminiscent of an old crate. Strips of glass seperate each panel to further accentuate the design and to break down the scale. The earthen stair connects the upper pool deck and the lower garden and allows the landscape to 'join' the rooms together. The dining table is set beneath the stair, while behind all three forms and underneath the pool deck are located the kitchen, bathroo, and service areas which connect the rooms. The roof of this area is level with the pool and constructed from broken concrete set in sod, bringing the lower gaden up to the pool deck.